LifeLink is...

An early intervention service to help with emotional difficulties you are experiencing, to prevent them from deteriorating and requiring more intense support or treatment.

A service for support with mild to moderate mental health issues, such as, anxiety, depression or low mood.

One to one counselling support which can be offered in person, video or over the phone, daytime or evenings in one of our venues across Glasgow.*

A provider of topical group therapy covering various issues to help you manage your difficulties in the company of a small group of others facing similar challenges. These groups are facilitated by an experienced Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.*

A provider of wellbeing workshops to equip you with information, tools, and techniques to help you manage stress on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in attending these, there is no need to refer, simply book a place via our courses page here.

A busy service with a number of clients on our waiting list. In order that we can help as many clients as possible, we have a cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or do not attend your first appointment, your case will be closed, and you can re-refer yourself back to us after seven days, however you will be placed on the waiting list again. For second and subsequent appointments, clients are permitted one cancellation per course of counselling. Any additional cancellations or missed appointments will result in your case being closed and will require you to wait a period of 12 weeks before referring back into our service for a further assessment. Please ensure that you are available for your call as we are unable to make several contact attempts. It's useful to save our number (0141 552 4434) to your phone once you make a referral — we will always contact you using this number.

*Following an initial therapeutic telephone assessment, you may be referred to one to one or group therapy, if appropriate for our service.

LifeLink isn't...

A provider of open-ended long-term support — if you are assessed as needing longer term counselling, we will do our best to support you in accessing another more appropriate service.

A service where we diagnose people.

A crisis service or telephone counselling session which has not been planned.

Appropriate for people who are already accessing services elsewhere, such as counselling or psychiatric services (if you are seeing a CPN, Psychiatrist or any other mental health service it is not appropriate for you to access Lifelink at this time without a written referral from your treating clinician advising short term counselling is indicated and specifying the reason).

A service for people with a significant current level of addiction.

A befriending service or social, practical support, e.g. advocacy or help with housing or financial issues, report/letter writing to support welfare claims.

A service for treating the effects of severe trauma or long-term childhood issues requiring longer term clinical intervention.